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How would you like to complete all your requirements for your Geology Belt Loop or Geology Academic Pin BEFORE Your Next Den Meeting...

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One of the best parts of Cub Scouts is watching your child being awarded those belt loops and academic pins for collecting and learning about various things that interest them.

And, they feel great because they know how great it is to be able to show everyone what they did through a symbol received in a den meeting.

Sometimes, however, these tasks can take longer than anticipated. The weather isn't always cooperative. There is a lot of homework to do. Finding the right specimens that you need especially for your Geology Belt Loop or Academic Pin can be quite daunting and time consuming.

That's why I've created the perfect kit that allows your child to quickly obtain their Geology Belt Loop & Geology Academic Pin. You can still spend all the time you want outside identifying and collecting specimens. However it will be so much better now that you are armed with the knowledge and "smarts" and know what to look for.

By the way - thats me (Neil Brown) in Cub Scouts on the right side of the photo in the late 1960's!!

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How Fast Do You Want To Earn Your Scout Geology Belt Loop and/or Geology Academic Pin?

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Cub Scout Belt Loops

DINOSAURS ROCK is not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. We are just honest people trying to give your kids a great product allowing them to achieve the Geology Belt Loop and Academic Pin Award.