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Cub Scout Academics Geology Awards

Here's How Your Scouts Can Earn There Geology Belt Loop and Their Geology Academics Pin Quickly and Easily.


Scout Geology


Earn You Geology Belt Loop and Your Geology Academics Pin

Get great activities for your Den or Pack Meeting Excavation blocks, Geodes, Shark Tooth Necklace Making etc etc.

Scouts can now earn their Geology Belt Loop and Geology Pin Awards quickly and easily with the DINOSAURS ROCK® Scout Academics Geology Kits.

"I Want To Earn My" ...


Everything you need to earn your belt loop or academics pin this month is right here!

Great project for a Den Meeting or for any Scout to learn and do it on their own. Prepackaged kits meet all the requirement necessary for a Scout to earn either their Scout Geology Belt Loop and their Scout Geology Academics Pin Awards.

BELT LOOP Kit" contains

Information on Geology so you can clearly define Geology and explain the difference between a rock and a mineral.

Cub Scout Geology Belt Loop

1. 3 Samples each of Sedimentary Rock, Igneous Rock and Metamorphic Rock plus a sample Mineral and specific educational information on each type. Scouts must identify and label each of the specimens included using the enclosed ID Chart.

2.  Bonus Surprise FOSSILS to get you started earning your Scout Geology Academics Pin.

Sample Page Below indicating some of the specimens you actually receive...

Rocks in your Scout Geology Kit

Everything a scout needs and more to understand, learn and easily explain how each type of Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic rock was formed.

  • You Get 13 Specimens Total.
  • Clear Explanations on Geology, Minerals, Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic Rocks.
  • Bonus Material on the Rock Cycle and How Rocks Are Used In Our Daily Lives. 

Cub Scout Geology Belt Loop Kit Contents

You would have to pay over $20 at any other resource for this same material.

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Everything and more that a Scout needs to earn the Scout Geology Belt Loop is included except the actual Belt Loop that is presented at your Awards Ceremony.


Cub Scout Geology Belt Loop and Academic Pin


  1. Enough plaster and a really cool sea shell to make several casts of fossils.
  2. A collection of 9 different rocks and minerals that illustrates the Moh's Hardness Scale for numbers 1 to 9 (#10 Diamond is not included).
  3. A Sample specimen each for Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks.

    Cub Scout Geology Acedemics Pin Kit 

  4. Rock and Mineral Specimens that the Scout learns to group according to their physical properties with explanations of what each property means in terms of color, texture, luster, hardness, or crystal. Scouts will have to identify each rock, label it, and place into the correct physical property.
  5. Pet rock specimens to create your very own "Pet Rock". You come up with a story about your own Pet Rock.
  6. A collection of 5 different really cool genuine fossils with educational identification cards.
  7. Bonus FREE "Popcorn Rock" which grows real crystals when you add an everyday product found at home.
  8. Bonus FREE info sheets on different types of volcanoes, 10 everyday products that contain or use rocks or minerals, and the difference between a stalactite and stalagmite in caves. 

Cub Scout Geology Acedemics Pin Kit Contents

Sample Page Below indicating some of the fossil specimens you actually receive...

Cub Scout Geology Acedemic Pin Fossils

Many other resources have only the Moh's Hardness kits for over $14 each. Why pay that kind of money when you can buy the whole package direct from the premier Dinosaur, Fossil, and Mineral Educator in the country?

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Everything a Scout needs to earn the Scout Geology Academics Pin is included except the actual Pin that is presented at an Awards Ceremony.

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Dinosaurs Rock is not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America
We are just honest people trying to give your kids a great product
allowing them to achieve the Geology Belt Loop and Academic Pin Award

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