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Isn't it time your son had what he needed to complete a Cub Scout Geology Belt Loop or Academic Pin - without YOU having to spend hours and weekends making it happen?

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Now there's an even better way to gain the rewards from earning the Geology Belt Loop and Academic Pin in the Cub Scout Program.

And, it won't take hours or days of your precious evening and weekend time either!

Introducing "Cub Scout Geology (.com)" - your one-stop shop for ready-to-go kits with all the materials you'll need to earn either of your Geology awards in the Cub Scout Program.

Pick which award you want to earn and order the specific kit you need.

Or - order both kits and know you can finish the Geology Belt Loop and Academic Pin requirements quickly & without the stress of trying to source everything you need (and paying an exorbitant amount of money in gas traveling to various locations or purchasing other more expensive kits that contain much less than what you get here!)

Cub Scout Geology was created by a former Cub Scout (Me!) who remembers how challenging it was to source supplies for awards.

By the way - there I am (Neil Brown) in Cub Scouts on the right side of the photo in the late 1960's!!

I'm using my love of Geology to make sure this awed is within reach for every Cub Scout - no matter how much geology they get to explore on a day-to-day basis.

Let us help make your life a little bit easier while you help your son have the tools he needs to continue on the path of achievement in the Cub Scout program.

How would you like to complete all your requirements for your Geology Belt Loop or Geology Academic Pin BEFORE Your Next Den Meeting...

Below are the OFFICIAL REQUIREMENTS for your Geology Below Loop or Geology Academic Pin:
Requirements for the Geology Belt Loop - Everything & more included in our GEOLOGY BELT LOOP Kit!
  • Explain to your den or an adult family member what geology means.
  • Collect samples of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Explain how each was formed.
  • Collect samples of three minerals. Explain to your family or den what a mineral is and show and tell about the minerals you collected.

Requirements for the Geology Pin - You Get 9 out of the 13 requirements in our Cub Scout Geology ACADEMICS PIN Kit!
Earn the Geology belt loop, and
complete six of the following requirements:
  • Make a plaster cast of a fossil.
  • Make a special collection of rocks and minerals that illustrates the hardness scale.
  • Give examples of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks.
  • Gather several different types of rocks. Compare them and put them in groups according to physical properties such as color, texture, luster, hardness, or crystals.
  • Describe the effects of wind, water, and ice on the landscape.
  • Make "pet rocks" using rocks, paint, and glue-on eyes. Tell a creative story about your pet rocks.
  • Draw a diagram showing different types of volcanoes or draw a diagram that labels the different parts of a volcano.
  • Make a crystal garden.
  • Make a collection of five different fossils and identify them to the best of your ability.
  • Make a poster or display showing 10 everyday products that contain or use rocks or minerals.
  • Visit a mine, oil or gas field, gravel pit, stone quarry, or similar area of special interest related to geology.
  • With your parent or adult partner, visit with a geologist. Find out how he or she prepared for the position. Discuss other careers related to geology.
  • Draw the inside of a cave showing the difference between stalactites and stalagmites
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DINOSAURS ROCK is not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. We are just honest people trying to give your kids a great product allowing them to achieve the Geology Belt Loop and Academic Pin Award.


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